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Angelo Damiotti

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As you can tell from my website, I offer a wide variety of complimentary services which Includes Personal training, Life coaching, Sports Massage and Astro Coaching.

I have no doubt that some of you will be interested in some more than others (please check the individual pages on my website to read information relevant to the individual subjects), and while the services I offer they allow you to fulfil a specific goal you have in mind, They are structured so that each individual session is part of a whole. A holistic view is one that is inclusive, that fosters integration and allows you to see exercise, self-care, and self-understanding as significant because part of your inner journey.

I feel at present everyone can access information in their own right from many channels such as Social media and Apps, sometimes this information is not always reliable and most of all it is applicable to the general public and can’t fulfil your individual needs. My approach as a trainer and coach is to provide you with knowledge to empower you at all levels allowing you to pursue your own choices: a coaching or fitness routine is not very useful if requires too much of your time and resources, it is meant to allow you to navigate better your present circumstances.


For this reason, dialogue is at the core of my packages: by facilitating dialogue with me I allow you to enter in a better relationship with yourself and all of the elements of the existing life which if not considered may hinder personal growth.

What is the source of my knowledge? the following qualifications and mostly Jungian texts


  • LEVEL 3 Diploma in Personal Training

  • LEVEL 3 Diploma in Sports Massage

  • Diploma in Life Coaching

  • Diploma in Exercise Referral

  • BSC Honours in Creative Writing

  • Diploma in Psychological Astrology

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Care of the Body: Beauty is Power

There are no better goals than others and looking better and having a toned body is not just a superficial goal, it is a form of empowerment in its own right! Beauty is best found when all parts are in balance with each other.


 The Body’s main goal however it is to survive - not to look perfect like a cover of Man’s Health - it will achieve this goal by remaining the same: this is called homeostatic principle. In order to promote change to your body you will need challenges that promote the Spirit: for this purpose, the personal training and coaching sessions are the most suitable because they provide you with opportunities for progressive growth.

Care of the mind: The Mind needs Harmony

It’s not a completely new idea that in order to care for the mind we must be caring for the body, this  is proven by the fact that the brain and nervous system happen to extend themselves all over your body! The body IS the mind! we are taught the opposite and our culture has created a split within our psyche (psyche means soul). The body natural cycle is one of exerting movement and rest, action, and recovery; therefore, both phases are extremely important for our wellbeing.

To facilitate movement, you need to develop skills and muscles, muscles are responsible for movement: for this purpose, my personal training sessions are the most effective.

To facilitate rest and recovery massage stretching and reflective practices are of great aid.

Care of the Spirit: the Body needs to realise Itself

To live better in the body, we must realise who we are and what is our purpose. A Spiritual life is the realization that one is on a journey into the soul, the soul means “to live”. A materialistic life leads sooner or later to decay and death not just of the body but of moral standards. The body/mind is an instrument of the spirit to fulfil a journey of self-understanding. The goal of the spirit is to realise you have an eternal body which is the Soul. The Soul incarnates in the body.

To facilitate integration of the spirit in the body the astrological consultations are the most appropriate.

The difference between Soul and Spirit

The Spirit is often associated with the symbol of the sun, the sun represents the light of consciousness and it is mostly active during our waking life, the spirit must search for adventures!

The soul is often associated with the symbol of the Moon, the primary activity of the soul is to create fantasies (in the east they speak of Maya) the activity of the soul is mostly present in the night, when we dream, the soul must dream and find itself at home.


The spirit is Active, Positive and Masculine the Soul is Reflective, Negative and Feminine