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This session last 60 to 90 minutes and it’s recorded so that whatever is said within the consultation can be digested overtime. During the consultation I will map out the main theme of your life, how you see the world and the patterns you are likely to experience. There is no danger in engaging in this self-reflective practice and whatever is said is meant to aid a larger understanding ofto your existing point of view, putting it into perspective. The consultation analyses past and present to allow you to embark into the future with knowledge whichto empowers you. I will use poetic tools such as analogy parallelism and personification to describe things that you need to give voice to. You will gain a symbolic understanding of what kind of life journey you are embarking on.

Horoscope Analysis

Price: £100

Compass Pointing North

These sessions are NOT recorded and last 50 minutes they are generally bought in block, and we will be discussing the time and frequency by which they will be commencing. They are generally once every 2 or 4 weeks. 

Consultations designed for all of you who have a basic understanding of your birth chart and wish to expanddevelop your awareness further by developing your own intuition. I will take more a listener rtole in this consultation as we will be putting the chart into the context of your existing life.

For this consultation I will use Neuro Linguistic Programming tools such as Reframing, third perspective to spur behavioural change. Behavioural change occurs when after becoming of aware of a negative pattern and we then identify a way to either limit it or redirecting its driving force towards something more fulfilling. I do so by letting you tap into the motivational drive and redirect it into a goal which you have the potential to meet.


Price: £60

Corn Maize Labyrinth

This session lasts 50 minutes and it is NOT RECORDED it can be bought individually and it’s designed so that you are able to gain understanding into a particular topic. It’s the type of consultation you should go for if you are at a crossroad or if something happened to you that you want to make sense of. It can be about something that is happening in your life, or a conflict that you find difficult to deal with. It provides you with knowledge to understand what is at play at the time of the consultation and whether provided that you are in a position to make your own choices, it supports you in doing so in a way that is more fulfilling; it is not about me telling you what to do, but facilitates the process by which you have to make a decision.

Meaning of Time

Price: £60

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