Endurance and pause sets

A popular way to increase muscle mass in your work out is by increasing your weight load given a consistent amount of reps

This strategy works as it provides with incremental challenges however there are many ways to achieve muscle growth (over 50 types of method of training!) and you’d better spice things up if you want to ensure your work outs are never boring and your body keeps getting challenged avoiding plateau; Time framing and contraction of muscle fibres are necessary ingredients to your routine: you probably know already that you don’t achieve much if you train once every month , the same happens if you wait too long between a set another: sessions must be short and intense and for this particular set up you shouldn’t be having more than a minute rest. Lifting Heavy weights only is not a good strategy for muscle growth especially for beginners since it is difficult for them to engage with all their power within a limited amount of reps.

A possible strategy that you can adopt is introducing a pause set within a triset

For example, you could do:

Exercise one:

front and lateral raises on your first set 10- 12 reps

Raise your arms for shoulder circumduction (30 seconds)

And lateral raises (8 to 12 reps)

Exercise two

Foreharm/Bicep curl 10 to 12 reps

Bicep holds 30 seconds

Foreharm/Bicep curls

This type of training is called endurance training because it allows trainees to endure weight bearing for an extensive amount of time; if you are to switch this training on Odd weeks with a standard routine

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you would find that the pause set allows you to increase your strength; Of course, the weight you decide to lift has to be consistent to your level of training and for this training method performing reps fast and with poor form just won’t do any work at all.

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