How you can hurt yourself

Types of injuries and what it takes to heal them

Typically an injury occurs when one of the following occurs:

1. Impact (such as something hitting your body)

2. Incorrect movement and trip( such as when you don’t balance your foot after jumping)

3. Fall (when you lose balance)

Your body will then show different signs/symptoms depending on the type of injury that has occurred and the degree of damage.

Typically, if you received an impact a bruise will occur, but if a swelling occurs, you have limited movement and you lose blood (such as from your nail if you impacted your hand) you might have broken a bone!

A strain occurs when you damage a muscle or a tendon, typical signs will be redness swelling and pain, if there is a rupture a bruise and diminished function will occur.

A sprain occurs when you damage ligaments the symptoms are very similar to that of the strain, however typically it takes longer to heal ligaments because there is not a supply of blood such as with muscular tissue.

If you are suffering from a sprain you may benefit from a massage, massage will promote healing of tissue (if the impact was not recent) and some pnf stretching (assisted stretching exercises) will help realign the muscle fibres and ligaments .

If you wish to book a massage have advise on passive and pnf stretching check out my page


You can take medication to have some relief of pain, however pain is there for a reason and it is to tell you that in acute or preliminary stages of the injury you should PRICE: Protect, Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate.

You can introduce movements when pain starts to subside and movement function is recovered, Massage will support gradual recovery of movement.

By the way if you saw a picture of me with a headband, I was just trolling you, I did that photo during a first aid Course and I didn’t hurt myself, but congratulations for reading trough the end!

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