The Saturn Pluto Conjunction, the global crisis that is putting us on our knees

Where is this crisis leading us into?

This is an image that I borrowed from the Instagram of the financial times, they say “the coronavirus crisis caused global debt to rise at an unprecedented pace in the first nine months of the year as governments and companies embarked on a ‘debt tsunami’, according to new research.⁠ The total level of global indebtedness has increased by $15tn this year, leaving it on track to exceed $277tn in 2020. “

it’s interesting to see this image from the perspective of astrology and comparing it to the stellium(grouping) of planets in Capricorn. It does Look like the peak of a mountain and as we know Capricorn mythological soul journey is to climb the height of a mountain. "the symbol for that portion of the zodiac in which the sun re-enters the yearly cycle at the time of the winter solstice is Capricorn, originally known as the Goat-Fish ([....]'goat-horned): the sun mounts like a goat to the tops of the highest mountains, and then plunges into the depths of the sea like a fish. The fish in dreams occasionally signifies the unborn child, because the child before its birth lives in the water like the fish; similarly when the sun sinks in the sea, it becomes child and fish at once, The fish is a symbol of renewal and rebirth.' (symbols of transformation pp, 198).

The height which the Goat wants to climb are the height of his own personality, The mountain is a symbol of the great mother which is the obstacle as well as the task he must overcome.

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What happens when the peak of this mountain is the height of a crisis as the one we are experiencing now? It’s probably the need to reach a new low, however this time possibly an embrace of the mother earth herself.

The global Crisis is about to transform many aspects of our lives by humbling us down, lower and lower to feel the planet Earth or we will have to be“on our knees” (knees are associated to the sign of Capricorn).

The effect is so transformative that it is questioning the life of all of us leading us to a point where we must integrate feminine values of receptivity and inclusion; we are all locked up at home having to integrate that bit of us that is not in tune with life: With loneliness we must be able to be comfortable with ourselves completely

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