Shoulder pain and what is wrong with your work out

I’ve seen it repeated endlessly… when men sign up to a gym the first thing, they will do will be jumping on a bench press and lifting some heavy weights. We are mammal creatures after all and a big chest is always associated with dominance and confidence so for this reason men will always want to increase the size of their chest….( Or look for a partner with opposite but similar characteristics such as big breasts 😉)

The only problem with exercises such as a chest press is that it is a complex movement, and a number of muscles are involved. The shoulder and the less glamorous rotator cuff muscles are engaged, and they are responsible for stabilising the weight when you are pushing it away from your chest; they also allow you, as the name implies movements of shoulder rotation.

Typically, gym users with self-prescribe work outs as if it were a medicine (imagine if you overdo with paracetamol) leading themselves to muscular imbalances which eventually turn into injuries.

The work outs that some people do reflect the way their life is balanced and for obvious reason sooner or later if a certain negative pattern of movement or behaviour is protracted over a period of time it will cause problems (think about it what happens if you overeat or starve yourself all the times? It causes a problem with the scales).

Has someone checked how you perform your chest press? Are you overextending your arms when you push the weight away from your chest? Do you know at what angles the elbows should be when you perform your chest press?

I have noticed lifters injuring themselves due to poor form and incorrect exercise execution, if you add to that monotonous work outs and one-sided life routines which involve repetitive movement, this will always lead to an injury. Typically what will happen is that the people in question will have a dominant muscle doing all of the work which a whole group of muscles should be doing.

Are you working out the back side of the shoulder as well as the front? Contact me if you need a full shoulder work out so that all of the muscles are engaged.

Are you not progressing with your shoulder work out? Well it could be that not all of the muscles are engaged and you need to find the weak link, Contact me if you need a balanced shoulder work out or if you want me to revise your exercise routine.

If you are already experiencing pain it is a good idea to perform some stretching exercises, depending on where you experience pain this will involve stretching shoulder, bicep and chest. You have contracted your muscles for hard work, remember that relaxing and rest are essential if you want growth!

Have you overextended your shoulder or perhaps pushed to hard? Are you experiencing pain below the scapula?

I have seen muscles literally jotting out and needing to be replaced back. If you want to accelerate your recovery time consider a sports massage

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