"Thinking positive" does it always work?

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

We are pushed to grow and mature when we suffer: when we are thrown out comfort it is human to try go back to an original state in which we feel deprived of conflict; life however present us with a number of challenges - those we see outside mirror the ones which are internal - and it is for this very reason that the gym is so compelling for many, by lifting the physical weight we try to lift the weight of life itself.

try this life coaching exercise write down three believes you had as a child and that you had to overcome to reach a goal. How difficult was it to do so and what took you to be able to change? In what way did the challenge shape the person you are now?

You cannot think of life without the challenges it brings. It is known that one-sidedness leads sooner or later to a neurosis: a neurosis occurs when you want to do one thing, but you obtain exactly the opposite result. There are degrees of neurosis, some of which do not necessarily end up on the therapy couch however they are terribly hard for others to deal with, especially for those who do not need to try so hard to think positive; Positive thinkers try very hard to suppress the part of themselves that just does not know what do and that feels so negative about admitting that one does not always have the answers and going with the natural flow of life; It is for this very reason that obsessive positive thinkers sound so patronizing, they just can’t see any value in addressing that need of just being more in tune with that part that seek understanding: on whatever level that is emotional – mental and even physical. A One sided Positive Thinker lacks of Empathy not just for others but mostly for him/herself.

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The problem with Social Media and many other forms of modern interaction, is that it does not provide people with a way to assess reality for what really is, and many of us are continually exposed to distorted ideals of physical beauty and self-proclaimed gurus who give a flatted out two dimensional vision of who they are and what is required to solve life problems: this is most obvious noticeable by the lack of a third component which would be of aid in creating depth. In life coaching we use a technique called Triple perspective to facilitate this process of acquiring a component of Depth from bi-dimensional thinking. Triple perspective is a psychological dynamic in which your sense of self, the other and the observer are put into dialogue.

Has it ever happened to you that you are stuck always in the same situation? Do you meet people who seem to have something in common? Does this upset you or put you down?

Well if this is you, life is mirroring the depth of personality you haven’t reached yet; it is time to come to a more objective, 'observer like' understanding of two energy poles in conflict: yourself and the repetitive other/other circumstances

Positive and negative in astrology are represented symbolically by the sun and moon, which stands represent your two inner lights of consciousness, your masculine (positive, creative, assertive leading) and feminine (negative, reflective passive accepting) side of your own nature .

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It is the development of the transcendent function (function named by CG Jung) which helps overcome states of conflicts, this is done so by finding a new position between two opposing states of mind

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