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Astrology is indeed an incredibly old subject.  Since early times when man lived close to nature and the lights of the sky were closer to the Earth, he could sense that everything had its own cycle and rhythm and things are meant to be born and die, are transformed and born again in an eternal ebb and flow. While astrology is far from being recognised as a scientific discipline, many of us have found some truth in the general description of our Sun Sign: the subject of astrology is far more complex and rich than the astrology columns of the newspapers and magazines, which is a and simplified form of this art designed for the general public.


 The practice of astrology is not, as it may seem from the media, about labelling individuals with stereotypes or predicting a future that is determined – it is a language rich in symbols which like the dream appears spontaneously and if translated it describes psychological dynamics and bring meaning into patterns and events which, when understood, give us the freedom to become that which we only are meant to be. There are different kinds of astrology; my focus is on Psychological Astrology which, rather than focusing on predicting events, looks at personal potentials and resources that can open the door to possibilities and exhibits a new way to meet challenges and get in touch with our unique potential.


We do not know exactly who envisaged the structure of the zodiac and how exactly it works, however  Carl Jung – a famous Jungian Psychoanalyst advocated that “The starry vault of heaven is in truth the open book of cosmic projection... “ and in short the sky is a symbolic reflection of the inner world.

The zodiac is indeed based on actual astronomical data, but psychological astrologers rather than being preoccupied with what the planets are made of, or whether they could host life, or their physical influence, they are concerned whether the synchronous appearance from the perspective of a particular person has  any significance. 

What is Psychological Astrology for and when to seek a consultation?

If you are going through a challenging time, if you are on a cross road or if you simply want to know more about yourself, Psychological Astrology is a way to look at the universe from the point of view of your inner world – as above so below as within so without. Like the stars is a map to guide you towards self-awareness and to realize patterns and your unique journey, that which only You can do.


I hold a diploma in Psychological Astrology from the Centre of Psychological Astrology and possess skills as listener to facilitate self-understanding and to allow you to navigate the future. It must be said however that the work as astrologer is suitable to people who are in a readiness to be able to find out about themselves and that you are at a point where you can make decision by yourself: psychological astrology is not a substitute for what you can do within a counselling relationship and to be able to benefit from my consultation you must be able to engage into a dialectic process. The dialectic process involves the interpretation of Astrological symbols pertinent to your Individual sky of birth. The primary tool for this process is intuition. Intuition is an inborn capacity that is not as fantastical as some new agers want you to think it is: It is a natural mode of perception that, in short,  allows you to see the connection between apparently unrelated phenomena (see Carl Jung Definition in psychological types and the mbti personality test). It is not a form of scientific reductive thinking and while it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to stop being critical of it, in order to approach Astrology with openness it requires you to embrace intuition as a way of understanding. As a way of closing my consultation I often request client to bring a dream – the dream will usually hold the answer to question that your thinking alone can’t find answer to: again the dream is interpreted here solely in relation to your horoscope. The purpose of such process is to let you approach life as a whole with inherent meaning.

The cost, terms and conditions

The cost of the consultation is based on which consultation type you are booking. All consultations must be paid in advance and they include a non-refundable deposit of 20 pounds. You must give a 24-hour notice to cancel or reschedule the consultation, if you don’t give notice you have to pay again the deposit for the time slot I have reserved for you;

 if you no longer wish to have a consultation and cancel without giving notice, I Will refund the consultation fee excluding the deposit.

 If you decide to go ahead and for any reason, we agree you are not able to benefit from the consultation I will refund you the consultation fee excluded of your deposit.

All data is treated confidentially, and it is not passed on to third parties. You will need to sign a consent form prior to the consultation.

Where and When

For consultations please consult me to check my availability; On a general basis I am available for consultations on weekdays from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm and most Saturdays.

If you would like to make an appointment, I will need to receive your birth details (date, place and time of birth, where it is known) at least 3 days in advance of our appointment, in order to allow sufficient time to study your birth chart.

Consultations are made in my flat (I live in Streatham, London - Uk) via telephone or Skype/ Zoom.