Personal Training & Coaching

Whatever your fitness goal is I have a wide range of skills which allow me to support your development

I am currently offering Personal Training session in the Gym Streatham (click here for a link to their membership page) and in the open in the  park areas surrounding streatham common and norbury. Clients are advised to maintain a distance of two metres from each other and must bring their own towels as well as hand sanitisers or a mat if they wish to do floor exercises. I currently offer body weight work outs either free of equipment or using the facilities available in the park (such as pull up and dip bars). 

All of my packages have life coaching as a central role because I like to provide with reflective tools and knowledge to my clients so that they can progress and achieve their fitness goals.

My packages are designed so that fitness supports your individual development giving you the chance to make permanent changes in your lifestyle.

 My workouts and circuits will have incremental challenges which will allow you to sustain greater intensity, increasing your ability to cope with stressful jobs and demanding routines: you will be surprised of what you can do and achieve by training your will.


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Life Coaching

Life coaching helps people achieve fitness and general wellbeing goals, the coach employs practical methods so that the client can deal with his present circumstances. Coaching is a dialectic process which promotes:

  • constructive and permanent changes

  • self understanding

  • a boost of your motivational drive.

A coaching journey is initially provided at the beginning however in the middle of the journey, Life will typically throw in challenges to the client; the types of challenges that the client will face will give insight into where the client needs to progress or what needs to be done to overcome previous negative patterns of behaviour. 

What type of Goals

 A goal is a target or an outcome the client wishes to achieve. There are at least 3 different types of goals:

  • Growth goals (something that allows to increment a particular performance or aspect about themselves)

  • Giving up goals (something that consists in banning a negative pattern or habit 

  • Deficit goals (something that consists in filling a void, reducing the negative consequence of that loss)

Goals are very important for the coaching process, because they allow the client to envisage what they could do or could be.

Monthly reviews

In this session I will review whether you are meeting the nutritional guidelines suited to the fitness goal that you are pursuing. They will be an opportunity to check your progress and identify strategies to overcome obstacles, barriers or adapt your existing workout plan to meet new challenges. 

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Build Muscle Mass

I have extensive experience with the so-called “Periodization” method, ideal if your goal is to build muscle mass. Periodization is a training method that introduces variables in every workout: workouts are planned over a period of time with implemented incremental changes of Rep range, weight load, and exercise type (always within a threshold appropriate to muscle growth). This means that your body will be forced to build up muscle mass in order to adapt to the continuous changes.

Weight Loss and Toning

For this purpose, my programme consists of multi-joint type exercises for strength and endurance, followed by HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts. Multi-joint exercises involve the use of several muscle groups and require higher caloric expenditure. HIIT is a cardiovascular type of workout which alternates intense aerobic phases to less intense recovery periods.

Personal training sessions

Personal training sessions may last between 30 to 60 minutes and will have different exercises depending on the goal outlined in the consultation.  

Personal Boot Camp

Burn over 800 calories  in ONE SESSION with these intense workout programmes (30  to 60 minutes) based on weight lifting cardiovascular and plyometric exercises (requiring outbursts of energy such as jumping).